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Aiming to provide the best moments of peace and socializing outdoors, Bolina has also created a line of 100% Portuguese wooden chairs, which stand out for their versatility, ease of transport and comfort.


The chairs are carefully made by local artisans, valuing the techniques and knowledge transmitted by past generations. Each chair expresses a pure experience, full of symbolism and tradition. Bolina is proud to support local and traditional production, considering that this is the key to guarantee the quality of each product and to value the technique, knowledge and tradition, passed on from generation to generation.



Wood: eucalyptus

Fabric: 100% cotton

Available in colors:

Dark blue, Cream, Yellow, Red, Green, Turquoise, Pink and Black.


Large Lounger:

Height: 132 cm

Width: 61 cm

Weight: 6.50 Kg

Small Lounger:

Height: 88 cm

Width: 48 cm

Weight: 3.60 Kg


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