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Bolina brand was born in 2021, during covid-19 lockdown, in  Moledo beach, during a period that we were all forced to stop, think deeply, and value the simple things in life.

The art of navigating "à bolina”, is a technique developed by Portuguese sailors in the XV century, that allowed them to sail against the wind, taking advantage of its energy to progress and advance. ​


Like them, we decided to take advantage of the winds, even if they weren't on our favor, to create a new project based on boldness and resilience, which characterizes us so much as a people. ​

Thus, we took the traditional Portuguese windshield and tried to give it a new life, making it a decorative and more versatile piece, which allows us to value the moments in communion with nature and friends.




At bolina, we value artisanal and sustainable processes, made in Portugal and inspired by our tradition and memory.

For this reason, we carefully choose production made in Portugal, using exclusively national materials and products, as this is the only way to ensure a unique and original product that reflects what we do best.


At bolina we believe and work every day for a cleaner and more sustainable world, both from an environmental and economical point of view. ​

All our products are manufactured in small factories, using mostly end-of-cycle materials (dead-stocks), leftovers,  waste from the textile industry, or products with minimal environmental impact.

We also seek to ensure that our suppliers and manufacturers are in a close geographical area, in order to reduce fuel consumption when traveling, and allow them to work with each other, thus obtaining important synergies and promoting a truly circular economy. ​


In the genesis of our project is the taste and concern for the natural element, the environment, seeking in each product, to discover (or reinvent) solutions that allow, in different weather conditions, to enjoy a better and greater contact with nature.

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